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Onechildhood helps create opportunities for children from single-parent homes to follow their dreams.

Every child regardless of financial status deserves to be able to participate in what they have a passion for whether it is sports, music, or art. Unfortunately these endeavors are often too expensive for children growing up in a single parent home.

Children who are unable to participate in these activities due to the lack of finances are left feeling they are different and that they donít matter. Thatís where Onechildhood aims to fill in the gaps.

Onechildhood wants to help children from disadvantaged single parent homes. We desire to help children pursue their dreams of participating in activities they might otherwise not be able to afford.


Mission Statement

To provide children from the single parent home the financial assistance, support, encouragement and guidance needed to succeed Ė as individuals.

To develop self esteem and confidence, and build skills that these children will need to create successful adult lives. Our One Goal is to provide tools that will empower them to reach their dreams and experience a happy childhood and meet their fullest potential.

Our Philosophy

We believe - every child has something to contribute to the world.
We believe - no child should live without hope.
We believe - every child deserves the chance to realize their dreams.
We believe - every child should have the chance to play.